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C.45 Jennifer Watling Neal

[Capítulo en Inglés / Chapter in English] She is an Associate Professor in the Social/Personality Psychology Programat Michigan State University. She studies the role of students’ peer networks in shaping behaviour, personality, and well-being and the role of educators’ networks in facilitating the adoption and use of new programs and practices. She teaches classes on research methods inContinue reading “C.45 Jennifer Watling Neal”

C.44 Eric Quintane

[Capítulo en Inglés / Chapter in English] Eric Quintane is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at ESMT. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Melbourne in Australia and is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Eric’s research work focuses on understanding theContinue reading “C.44 Eric Quintane”

C.43 Julian Cueto

[Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish] [Joven investigador / Early career researcher] Julián Cueto is an anthropologist, doctoral fellow at the UNLP and develops his work at the Applied Ethnography Research Laboratory (LINEA, FCNyM). His studies focus on the strategies that the residents of a neighborhood (in this case El Retiro) have to solveContinue reading “C.43 Julian Cueto”

C.42 Juan Pablo Ferreiro

[Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish] Juan Pablo Ferreiro currently works at the CISOR-UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE JUJUY, National Scientific and Technical Research Council. Juan does research in Social Networks Analysisi, Kinship & Family History and Colonial History. Their current project is ‘Parentesco, relaciónes de género y poder en el régimen patriarcal. Jujuy, siglos XVII,Continue reading “C.42 Juan Pablo Ferreiro”

C.41 Mario Small

[Chapter in English / Capítulo en Inglés] Mario L. Small, Ph.D., is Quetelet Professor of Social Science at Columbia University. An elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, and the Sociological Research Association, Small has published award-winning articles and books on urban inequality, personalContinue reading “C.41 Mario Small”

C.40 Laura Teves

[Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish] Laura Teves is director and researcher of the “Laboratorio de Investigaciones en Etnografía Aplicada” LINEA. She has been the director of RLARS and is also a recognized expert on social networks analysis and ethnography approaches. She is an Anthropologist, and a Doctor of Natural Sciences (FCNyM-UNLP). Her topics are ethnography,Continue reading “C.40 Laura Teves”

C.39 Mora Castro

[Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish] Mora Castro is doing research on public health services in a particular region (Southeastern Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires), characterized by an increasingly vulnerable population. The main objective is to analyze the dynamic network of reference and counter-reference between El Cruce Hospital and all other care providers inContinue reading “C.39 Mora Castro”

C.38 Delio Lucena Piquero

[Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish] Delio Lucena Piquero is a Postdoctoral Researcher en sciences économiques, Sciences Po Toulouse. Among his publications, you can find content on Social Network Analysis, Structural equivalence, Scientific collaboration, Economic Geography and Economics of innovation. Publications: Google Scholar. YouTube videos “Coloquios de Redes”: Here. R package: “Places: Structural Equivalence AnalysisContinue reading “C.38 Delio Lucena Piquero”

C.37 Invest. sobre grupos pequeños: De Iowa a MIT y a Michigan.

[Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish][Sección Reseñas / Reviews section] Capítulo nº5 del libro de Linton Freeman (2012) “El desarrollo del análisis de redes sociales”. Seguimos revisando la historia del análisis de redes sociales. Conversamos en este episodio sobre las investigaciones de grupos pequeños, con centros en Iowa, MIT y Michigan.  Capítulo a cargo de AlejandroContinue reading “C.37 Invest. sobre grupos pequeños: De Iowa a MIT y a Michigan.”

C.36 Emmanuel Lazega

Capítulo en Inglés / Chapter in English Emmanuel Lazega’s research contributes to the development of a neo-structural sociology that brings together organisational analysis and social network analysis to understand how collective action works. This approach observes, models, articulates, and compares the generic social processes of meso-level social life (e.g., particularistic solidarities and exclusions, socialisation and collectiveContinue reading “C.36 Emmanuel Lazega”


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