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Aquí encontrarás conversaciones con personas que trabajan en el análisis de redes sociales. También escucharás recomendaciones sobre literatura que pudiera ser de tu interés e información sobre las últimas tendencias en esta área. ¡Tenemos entrevistas, reseñas y muchas novedades más!

Here you will find dialogues among the people working on social network analysis. Also, you will listen some recommendations of literature of your interests, and information about the last tendencies in this area. We have interviews, reviews and many other news!

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Últimos capítulos / The last chapters

C.34 J.Clyde Mitchell

[Chapter in English / Capítulo en Inglés] J.Clyde Mitchell – Fellowship of the British Academy – (usually known as J. Clyde Mitchell) (21 June 1918 Pietermaritzburg – 15 November 1995) was a British sociologist and anthropologist. In 1937 Mitchell helped found the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute group of social anthropologists/sociologists, now a part of the University ofContinue reading “C.34 J.Clyde Mitchell”

C.33 Lorena Pasarin

[Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish] Lorena Pasarin is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Applied Ethnography Research Laboratory (LINEA) FCNyM, UNLP. She has extensive experience in the application of ethnographies and other qualitative methodologies from the network approach. Among her publications, she can find content on health problems/care/disease, rural health, and nutrition. Publications: GoogleContinue reading “C.33 Lorena Pasarin”

C.32 Ignacio Fradejas-García

Capítulo en Español / Chapter in Spanish Ignacio Fradejas-García currently works as a post-doc in the School of Social Sciences at Iceland University, within the interdisciplinary research project “Creating Europe through Racialized Mobilities” https://cerm.hi.is/. With extensive fieldwork experience in The Gambia, Chile, Morocco, Haiti, RD Congo, Turkey, Romania and Spain, he does research in migration, transnationalism,Continue reading “C.32 Ignacio Fradejas-García”

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